Tuesday, September 17, 2013

40K League Battle Report - Space Sharks vs. Necrons - War of the Orb

My latest league game was vs. Eddie and the Cruisers Necrons.  1500pts, Relic, Hammer and Anvil.

My army was redone slightly from the 1250 level, plus a few additions.  I had:

10xTerminators, 2xcyclones
5xTerminators, cyclone
5xTac marines, flamer
10xAssault Marines, 2xflamers
Librarian lvl 2, jump pack, conversion field
Speeder, mm/typhoon

Eddie had:
Tricked out lord
5xsmall warrior squads in nightscythes
3xannihilation barges
2x3 wraiths, various coils

The desert complex, with the ancient Revivification Orb in the middle.  

Deployment.  Whirlie in top right corner, speeder, tacs and assault squad with librarian on the table, terminators teleporting in.  Necron barges angle to cover the Orb, wraiths prep to jump whoever approaches, three warrior squads start on the table to get some early shots.  Two squads and the overlord are on board nightscythes.

Voomp!  Belial and the big squad drop on the Orb, while other units move up.  Speeder hits the barge opposite it, but fails to pen and is destroyed in retaliation for first blood.  Librarian uses puppetmaster power on a barge to have it shoot up one wraith squad, terminators shoot up another, taking both squads down to one model.  Small terminator squad deviates off the table edge and goes back into reserve.  

Necrons shoot stuff up, one wraith tries to charge and gets killed by overwatch, second wraith moves to a more central position, perhaps to make a run for the whirlwind?

Assault marines assault and explode a barge.

Meanwhile the terminators shuffle over, taking the Orb with them.  Tac squad shoots up the last wraith.  

The scythes descend.  Tesla fire guts the assault squad, and picks off a couple of terminators.

From here on out, things get a little messy, and it's hard for me to do a turn by turn.  The small terminators scatter off again but finally land turn 4 (?).  Terminators get whittled down, assault squad and tacs get wiped out.

The Orb has changed hands a few times - from big terminator squad to tacs to small terminator squad.  Lord and some warriors have tried to take it back, but have been beaten back.  Tesla fire dumps into the unit holding the Orb while the lord readies his warscythe for a last ditch assault...

...and the tesla shots arc into the overlord, who fails his saves!  OUCH!  More fire finishes off Belial and another terminator, leaving two one-man terminator units and a whirlwind as my remaining units.

The game lasted seven long turns, but in the end the Sharks held on to the Orb and therefore the win.  Three points for the relic and one for Slay the Warlord for four points, Necrons had first blood and slay the warlord for two points.  Turn five I moved a squad in for linebreaker and we would have tied if the game ended there 1-1 (relic bearer got shot up in second half of turn), but since the game continued I was able to get the ball back.

Good mission for the Deathfin, being able to drop without scatter right on the prize turn one and being able to take some punishment.  Rather than use the normal strategy of retreat with the relic to get away from the enemy, with all the flyers I felt it was better to actually try to get closer to his edge to limit the flyer shots.  That and some terrain use combined to stymie some of his flyer shots, making him fly off scythes a number of times, limiting the firepower the termies were taking.  Good thing too; another round of fire from some of them would have finished the terminators off.

Good game with some nailbiters.  We both got greedy at different points and paid for it.  Sometimes you have to go for the big risk/reward, but other times the more sure thing is best.  

I think I'll be playing Space Wolves next, so stay tuned for Long Fang Alley!

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