Thursday, March 21, 2013


I picked this puppy up back in November at GU, but only recently got around to putting it together and slapping paint on.  I'm sure that it will see service in the 40K league soon.

As I usually do the first time with a kit, I kept the build pretty straightforward.  I originally planned to do it up with my airbrush, but it kept being cold so aside from a quick spray day for the top and bottom base I've used regular old bristle brushes.
I went with a split top/bottom scheme, like many real-world planes - the idea being that if you're looking at it from above, it's more likely to blend with the ground, and looking at it from below, it's more likely to blend with the sky.  Today when most kills are made out of sight with radar locks and such visual ID isn't as important, but since the dakkajet and other 40K flyers are set in an age of short-range dogfights I figured that it would be appropriate.

Besides, blue is lucky, so the plane is extra protected from ground fire!

Side view.

Still WIP, need to paint up the pilot/cockpit and attach the canopy.  May add some markings to the plane, but haven't decided what yet.


  1. Clearly it is fueled by awesome sauce. That is great. I don't even play/collect orks, but now I want to build and paint that kit.

    1. It's a very nice kit, with lots of extra bombs and stuff. Careful though, after doing one of these up you probably would start up an Ork army!

  2. That looks great! I like the camo scheme on top.

    1. Thanks! It felt really slapdash going on, but I think it ended up working pretty well.


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