Sunday, March 17, 2013

40K League Battle Report: Orks vs. Necrons - Lobba > Reanimation Protocols

I got my first official game of the new league in today, against Patrick's Necrons.  We ended up with Scouring/Dawn of War.  

I took the same list I used in the practice round - Big Mek with KFF, 30 shoota boys with nob, 10 grots, dread, 3 kans, 2 koptas, 3 lobbas.

Necrons had two foot warrior squads, two squads in nightscythes, and two annihilation barges.

Crons set up first, holding two objectives and with barges ready to cover the middle.  I massed in the middle behind some LOS blocking ruins with grots and koptas in reserve.

Orks surge forward, but tesla fire finds a way and scraps the dread, and soon afterwards the kans as well.  The boys continue to push forward into the midst of the bots.  Lobba fire runs one cron squad off the board, and shoota and grotzooka fire runs another one off.  Koptas outflank and get a pot shot at the back of one flyer, getting a penetrating hit forcing it to evade the rokkit.  

Grots hunker down while boys push up the middle.

Orks charge barge, but big choppa bounces off.  Koptas bounce rokkits off of the closer barge.

Nightscythe drops warriors off to try to push the gretchin off of their objective.  Boys swarm over the necrons and the nearby barge in a disordered charge.  Without furious charge and extra attacks, the boys don't really hurt the crons, but the nob still manages to explode the barge.  The crons are tied up, unable to contest.  Koptas contest the necron controlled objective through the wall.

And game ends turn five!  Early on I was worried, as all my walkers went down before they could get to the barges or any squads.  Some bad morale rolls for Patrick and speedy koptas let me end up on top though - victory for the Orks!

I've gotten a little construction done on my Dakkajet, hopefully will be able to bring it in at some point at higher levels time permitting.


  1. Way to go, Orks! I think the headline "Necrons vs Orks" would make about anyone assume the necrons would win but you've proved that wrong!

    1. We'll see how future matches go! I suspect the boys may have a rougher road ahead as points increase.


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