Sunday, March 3, 2013

Battle Report: 40K League pre-season game - Orks vs. Squats

Our next 40K league hasn't started yet, but I got a pre-season game in with Jim Bowen today, my Orks vs. his Squats (Codex: Space Marines), 750pts Scouring/Hammer and Anvil.  Ork Deployment above.

We operated on the league rules for the first round, 750pt armies, no allies, HQ not required.  I took an HQ anyways, using:

Big Mek with Kustom Force Field
Deff Dread, 3xDCCW, skorcha (Troops due to Big Mek)
30xshoota boys, 3big shootas, nob big choppa, eavy armor, bosspole
10xGrots, slaver
2xDeathkoptas, twin linked rokkits
3xKilla Kans, big shoota/skorcha/grotzooka

The stunties took:

2xsmall scout squads - heavy bolters, one squad with Sgt. Telion
1xlarge scout squad, snipers
Techmarine/Thunderfire Cannon
Land Speeder Storm
Dreadnought Multimelta/DCCW
Bastion with lascannon
Telion and small scout squad on bastion, speeder behind.  Big sniper scout squad in middle, with dread below, thunderfire and small scouts on right.  

Squats had first turn, and shot up a handful of Orks with the scouts, speeder, and thunderfire.  

Orks surge forward.  Lobbas fire on the bastion, killing Telion.  More fire peppers the Orks.  One kan gets brought down, another loses a hull point, dread loses a hull point.  Grots come on and hoof towards an objective, but the grots get blasted apart by the thunderfire cannon, and the slaver hoofs it back to get another pack.

Squat dreadnought moves out to face the Ork walkers.  More scouts get lobba'd.

Ork dread charges into the squat dread.  Squat takes a second hull point off, Ork dread immobilizes his foe.  

I tried to have the kans charge in to help the dread, but their 2" charge distance didn't cut it.  The dread managed to finish off the squat dread without their help.  Scouts on bastion have been finished off, big sniper squad has been shot up a good deal by now between lobbas and grotzooka.

Overview.  On the far side of the bastion, my koptas come in turn four and manage to take down the speeder.  One gets shot down by the bastion's automated heavy bolters.  The other moves over to shoot at the techmarine but fails to do anything.

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

I planned to use the dread to flamer the remaining scouts, but they decided to take the initiative and charge the dread!  Overwatch killed two, but the remaining two with krak grenade and meltabomb hurled themselves at the walker's ankles.

Dread wins.

Dread moved over and picked off a few scouts over here, who broke and fell back into assault range.  Again, krak grenades proved insufficient.

End of turn seven, the Orks had one objective (3pts) held by the remnants of the big shoota squad, another 2pt objective held by the kopta, first blood IIRC, linebreaker.  Victory Orks!
The league should be starting soon, with initial pairings going up next Sunday.  Hopefully Gaming Underground will get the official notice/rules up on their facebook page soon.
Some neat (IMO) rules for the league: 1) Entry fee $20, but get $10 back if stick it out till the end.  This was designed to try to discourage people from dropping/encourage them to get their games in.  After X number of games missed, will be considered to have dropped.  2) Painted models will have Preferred Enemy vs. unpainted models to encourage at least basic painting.  I don't remember exactly where I first heard of this, I think it was during some Independent Characters episode, but I always thought it would be fun to try.  I'm going to have to make sure to get my dakkajet and other additions painted before bringing them in!

Another battle going on, Eldar vs. Grey Knights.

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