Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chimera minute

Rahr!  I've had this Chimera for a while (along with a Manticore and lots of other Chaos stuff) but being able to use it in the new Warriors of Chaos book prompted me to put it together.  There are also some Chaos Knights that I'll be putting together soon to go with the Chimera and bump my 500pt campaign army of Bargarians up to 1000.

I am also attempting to make at least token progress on the metal backlog before the pile of Reaper Bones arrives from the Kickstarter.  Below are two WIP, an apparently evil cleric (or perhaps the god of bat wings and leering faces is good, who knows?) and a demon that can't make its mind up as to what form to take (IIRC looks like a version of the D&D Type III demon).  When I finish him up I'll get a clearer pic.

More fantasy pics, both WHFB and RPG related likely in coming days/weeks!


  1. I really like those models, they look fantastic! I also have a WoC army and I'm happy to see that the Chimera is now a choice in the book. But I don't have the book and I'm not sure if I can bring myself to pick it up and work on it. I think I'll have to use your progress as motivation, or maybe just sell you my stuff (and I have alot). Stupid GW for making me want to work on more than I already have... :-)

    1. While I question some of the aesthetic choices on the Chimera, overall I like it. It's a breeze to put together, but without getting into conversions there's only one way; no real options with pieces or posing. I look forward to painting it, though i'm not sure how I'll do it. Will probably decide in-progress.

      Paint the figures, get the book cheap secondhand in a few months.


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