Sunday, February 24, 2013

40K League Wrap-up

The 40K league at Gaming Underground has wrapped up recently.  Last weekend they did the playoffs for the four tied for first, and Eddie's Grey Knights emerged victorious!  I ended up tied with Vinnie's Tyranids for second place.  Given the four way tie for first, there are those who would call that tied for 5th, but those are just petty.  ;-)

Today we did the army parade/painting competition segment of the league.  Unfortunately only four of us showed up for that, but I took pictures of the participants who did.  I had hoped to be able to see/take pics of everyone's stuff, but c'est la vie.  
The assembled Merkan 76th Imperial Guard, including all the recent additions.  Something like 2500 - 2700 pts all told I think.  

Company Command Squad, option for Straken, Master of Ordnance
5xStorm Troopers
2xPlatoon Command Squads
6xInfantry Squads
Veteran Squad
Lascannon Squad
2xMissile Launcher Squads
Mortar Squad
Autocannon Squad
3xLeman Russ
2xArmored Sentinels
(Aegis Line)
124 infantry models, 9 vehicles
Landon's Luigi Marines, using Codex: Space Wolves.  An army inspired by the various Mario Bros. games, etc.  He's played them a LOT more than I ever did, so I don't catch all the references.  I think he explained to me once why he made them Luigi themed instead of Mario, but I don't recall.  I never actually got to play him this league, though I clashed with his regular marines frequently last time around.

Commander type guy, long fangs (heavy plunger launchers?) and Yoshi cavalry.  I have a bunch of old Chaos Renegade riders and DE cold ones I have toyed with putting together; seeing these guys I may end up doing it someday.

Officer closeup.

Yoshi cavalry.

The bastion has a brick pattern planned to be a castle from the games.

The pipes represent drop pods.  DOING!

Guy in the middle with the thunder hammer has a power star.  I think it represents a storm shield.

Psyker with some kind of voodoo going on.

James McCoy's Eldar.

Forge World Avatar with custom spear.  Bring it Mon-keigh!

Farseer.  Nice color fade on the bottom of the robes.  This is probably my favorite Farseer sculpt - very alien, restrained but obviously up to something.  

Guardians and Warlock.

Fire Dragons.

Striking Scorpions.  I think the purple and gold works really well on these.


Fire Prisms.

Corben's Eldar army.  A lot of it he got second hand already painted from Impcommander, but he's been putting a lot of work into it himself too.

Josh ("Bean") wasn't part of this past league, so wasn't part of the competition, but he set his Grey Knights up for display anyways.  I believe that he'll be part of our next one.

Coteaz is a cool model, but I really dig the gold termie inquisitor on the right.

After waiting a while for more folks to show, the four participants and Vinnie voted, ranking the armies, and the Merkans emerged victorious for painting!  They didn't even bring dress uniforms!  As my reward I picked up some store credit that will probably go towards a Wraithlord for the upcoming Eldar Corsairs, Dragon Ogres, or a Valkyrie for the Merkans/Scythiak.

There's a Warhammer Fantasy league forming, another 40K league that should start in a few weeks, and a 40K tournament in a few weeks.  Look for Gaming Underground in High Point on Facebook for announcements and details if you're local!


  1. Congratulations! on the Best Painted Win. Are you going to play in the fantasy league, wait for the 40k league, or iron man it and play both?


    1. I am nowhere near enough man to do both, especially with new job starting up. I have very limited fantasy interest, so will just stick with the 40K league. Not sure what army to bring this time around.

    2. I vote for the Endless Ones first or the Eldar Corsairs.

      Family and career before hobby is a reality. I want to play in one league or the other but working around my oncall schedule is going to be a problem.



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