Monday, February 25, 2013

Battle Report: Endless Ones CSM vs. Eldar

After our painting judging from the league wrapped up, I packed the IG away and broke out the Endless Ones for a game against Corben.  He wanted to play at 1999pts, so I took the list I used against the Grey Knights a few weeks ago and added another spawn and a small terminator squad.  

We ended up with the Scouring (variable value objectives, fast attack scoring and extra VP) and Hammer and Anvil (short edge) deployment.  He won the roll for first turn, and set up first.  I tried to seize but failed.  

I had:
Kharn (warlord) and nine zerkers in land raider
Level three sorcerer
2xCSM squads
2xcultist squads (reserve)
Warp talons
3xterminators, 2xcombi-melta, 1xpower fist (reserve)

He had:
Farseer on bike
Guardian jetbike squad (reserve)
Striking Scorpions
Storm Guardians
Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent
Fire Prism
Maugun Ra with Dark Reapers (on bastion with lascannon)
Warp Spiders (reserve)
Guardians are storm guardians, are actually in the ruin.  Scorpions infiltrate into the ruin on the right here.

We each had three objectives.  Mine were worth 3, 2, and 2 (seven total).  His were worth 1 (in ruin with guardians), 3 (in middle), and 4 (in battlescape on his right, by the tanks).  We used mysterious objectives, but the only really relevant one was the value 4 one, which was a bomb.  One of mine let me reroll 1s, but I kept rolling 1s on the rerolls too.  Endless Ones indeed!

We had night fight for turn one, so initial shooting was pretty ineffectual.  The land raider and warp talons move forward, while the chaos marines and spawn hang out by my own objectives.  The fire prism manages to immobilize the land raider, somewhat short of its planned stop.

The defiler also gets shot up, losing two hull points and the battle cannon, having only fired it once (killing a few dark reapers).  Despite many attempts, It Will Not Die never helped this game.

With their ride disabled, Kharn and the other Abyssal Reavers pour out and go their separate ways.  The berzerkers head to the wave serpent while Kharn goes knocking on the bastion.  Fire from various sources knocks the fire prism's guns out.  My terminators teleported in behind the fire prism, but their own shots missed, and they died the following turn.  Cultists also arrived and helped cover my objectives.

Double boom!  The bastion and wave serpent both get taken out.  The dark reapers jump from the exploding building, and from the fall and the explosion only Maugun Ra survives.  Warp Spiders arrive to help turn the tide.

Bikers and wraithlord also position to help retaliate.  Warp Talons get DOOOMED! by the farseer.  

The dire avengers sidestep and bladestorm the zerkers, killing a few.  Warp Spiders, Maugun Ra, bikers shoot up and finish off the Warp Talons. Maugun Ra was a beast, pumping out tons of shots all game and very rarely missing.  He did so well I was thinking of using him with my upcoming Corsairs and looked him up when I got home, and realized that Fast Shot doesn't double the shots, it only adds +1 - so he should have been getting five shots a turn, not eight.  Wouldn't have dramatically changed things this game, but I know not to be QUITE as scared of him in the future!  The wraithlord placed a brightlance square into Kharn, who failed his invulnerable save and disappeared in a puff of rage.

Hmm.  Or maybe the fire prism still had its guns here, and wiped out the terminators?  Hard to recall.  I think that may be it, and then I shot its guns off at this point.  Berzerkers also charge into the dire avengers and break them, but miss the sweep.  Warp Spiders get shot up.

Weaponless fire prism tank shocks the zerkers, keeping them a little further away from the Dire Avengers and objectives.  Warp Spiders hop away to help cover Eldar objectives.  Land Raider keeps lobbing shots at various units.

Defiler had moved up; wraithlord tries to snipe it.  

Defiler advanced further, bikers move up to help shoot it up and prep for turboboost.  

Turn five the defiler shuffles forward partway out of the ruins and tries to assault the jetbikes - 10" through terrain, but with fleet it's possible.  If I succeed, the (invisible, thanks to the sorcerer) defiler should be able to weather the farseer's attacks for the one round and tie them up, preventing a turn six turboboost before the wraithlord joins the fight.  He goes for it - and fails, only coming up with eight inches with rerolls.  

On the other side, the land raider firebase pulls off a great turn, and manages to destroy the dire avengers sitting by the value 4 objective!  Check for random turn length, and game ends, with a Chaos victory!  

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