Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chaos Bikes are BROKEN!

Mine are, at any rate.


Packing up in a hurry yesterday after a game, I dropped my biker champion.  Thought I had the pieces, but when I took it out today to glue back together, realized that some parts had come off of the other parts.  A look around the area at the store today brought up no bits, so currently without a head or handlebars.

Sad on the face of it, but maybe it's an opportunity?  A new head is no big deal, but maybe I should do a little extra modeling to replace the handlebars?

Some options I'm thinking of:

  1. Ditch the legs and turn him into a centaur-biker, torso plugged into the bike itself.
  2. Borg him up slightly, having cables run between him and the bike, like he's controlling it cybernetically, leaving his arms more free for mischief.
  3. Sculpt some kind of daemonic influence where the handlebars used to be, indicating a daemon bound into the bike and doing the steering.

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