Monday, February 8, 2010

Army Makeover - Refurbishing the Figures of Days Gone By

Back when I first got back into 40K, I started two main armies - Silver Skulls loyalist marines, and the Sons of Horus Chaos marines.  I played with them both quite a bit back in the day, but as editions and army books changed and new armies were built they both fell by the wayside.  I've recently finished adding a few figs to get my Silver Skulls up to date with the new books, and while thinking about what army to use for a local league/campaign, decided to see about breaking out the Sons of Horus again.

I've used some of the figs from time to time to supplement my Word Bearers, but the army as a whole has been largely inactive for years.  Looking at it has brought home how far (IMO) my painting has come over the past eight years.  The old figs are pretty cleanly painted, but there's minimal if any shading.  The biggest effect on the tanks is the use of "weathering powders" aka dust.


 What's a highlight?

So I thought, if I was going to start using these guys again, why not update their look a bit as well?  I'm not up for totally repainting the army, but I wonder how far a little shading would go.


Some highlights on the black, some washes on the metals, skulls and skin, who knows?

Those old figs deserve a little more showing off than they're getting right now.

To start, I've rebased the old Terminators onto 40mm bases by the simple expedient of gluing the old 25mm slottabases onto the larger ones.


I stopped working on them while some of the new additions weren't even finished, like the lord on the right and the bikers, which don't have bases finished.


So I'm thinking of working on these guys at the same time as my other projects (currently IG and Traitor Guard), just sliding a unit in between stages on the other projects.  

I'm also thinking about rebasing them to match my Word Bearers to make mix&match look a little better.  Then follow the scheme for my future Chaos Armies and build my own Black Crusade...

So, what do you think the figures need?  How'd you go about jazzing them up without having to redo too much?  Any old armies of your own you'd like to give a makeover to?

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