Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Massilia campaign: Iron Warriors vs. Grey Knights

I had missed the official start of the campaign due to snow and then being out of town the following week, so this was the first mission I've been able to play.  It was 1250pts, my Iron Warriors vs. Josh M's Grey Knights.  The mission is called "Survivors", where the objectives represent injured warriors from the different factions you try to rescue/capture.  After setup you roll to see if they are Imperial, Chaos, or local xenos (basically eldar).  Objective for your faction is worth 2VP, opposing faction worth 3VP, xenos 1VP.  Could make for some interesting late-game choices I think.

Josh's army was all off-board to teleport in, his favorite strategy.  He had Draigo with a librarian in a squad of paladins, a regular GK terminator squad, and a dreadknight.  I had my Sternhammer with the basic battle company sans dreadnought, plus first company task force (two terminator squads and a sternguard squad).  Since Josh was off-board I had free reign, and rolling up 3 units infiltrating I was able to really spread out.  I got someone on all the objectives initially, and with moves and running spread out even more, making most areas poor to deep strike into.

Above, right in the middle, was one of the better spots remaining.  Draigo and his crew oblige and land, shooting up some assault marines.

The GK also had cast a vortex, killing a termintor.  It scatters back to them, but his own terminator makes his save.

The Iron Warriors move in.  Outlying units pump in bolter shots, while the closer ones dump multiple flamers and combi-bolters in, doing two unsaved wounds all told.  The lone surviving assault marine sacrifices himself to Overwatch, getting killed but keeping the terminators from risking getting unlucky.

Sgt and a few others die from Draigo and thunder hammer, while powerfists drag down a number of Grey Knights.

Whittling down the GK.

Only Draigo remains.

The GK terminators came in on my left, and though they were able to shoot up a few marines, I mostly just ran away from them, conceding the one objective to them.  The Dreadknight mishapped and died - I still had a lot of guys spread all over, making teleports dangerous.  With his super unit destroyed and the dreadknight gone, he couldn't cover enough ground to contest the game, and the IW proved victorious.

Meanwhile, sonofsonsoftaurus and his Ultramarines played against Scott's Khorne Daemonkin.  Though damage was done, Chaos carried the day.

After the first round, sonofsonsoftaurus got in a second non-campaign game with Josh, 1850pts.  There were maelstrom cards, but mostly they just tried to kill each other.

The Ultras pulled it out, with Marneus Calgar getting charged by the enemy Knight, but punching it to death.  The resulting explosion killed Calgar as well, but also killed the assassin lurking nearby, which was Josh's last model.  The few Ultramarine survivors planted their flag in victory and sifted through the rubble.

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