Saturday, December 31, 2016

Iron Warriors: WIP but mostly done

The Iron Warriors are pretty far along.  I still need to:

  • arrange to pick up parts to finish some things - mk III missile launcher squad, techmarine servo harnesses, and jump packs for the assault marines
  • When cleaning and organizing, I apparently lost the drill bit small enough for bolter barrels, so will need to wait for a new drill bit before doing those.  I did the meltas and flamers with a hobby knife, but would like to go deeper for the bolters
  • Seal
  • I will also make a jump pack captain and a squad of MkIII vanguard vets, but have not even started construction on those yet, but those are just extras.  Aside from the Mk III missile squad and the parts, the 2000pt core army is almost done

Thunderfire cannons, need harnesses for the techmarines

Heavy bolter devastators

Mk IV missile launcher devastators

Assault squad (need jump packs)


Cataphractii Terminators

More terminators



  1. Brilliant looking Force, I want to do similar Thud Guns for my Relictors, I've picked up a suitable Techmarine from a Iron Hand 30k mini, and the rather static pose of the plastic Contemptor actually looks okay in IW colours, good job.

    Happy New Year from all at WeeMen

  2. Thanks folks, and Happy New Year to you as well!

  3. Awesome work, man - I love how those turned out!

  4. Really nice job! The bases are amazing, fit the army perfectly,

  5. Well done! Especially nice work on that Contemptor's banner/scroll.


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