Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Shards of Anaris Campaign Report

We started our Shards of Anaris campaign a week early as there was a lot of interest in folks showing up.  We turned out to have seven players show up and had five games played, a great start!
I had a game against Scott's Space Wolves with my Endless Ones Chaos Marines.  We both had built our armies to try to play the mission (objectives that are progressively easier to score as game goes on, but once scored go away).  I had three small cheap cultists mobs to grab closer objectives and two jump pack units and a rhino squad to head to further ones and some autocannon havocs for a little bit of ranged firepower.  Scott brought six small Blood Claw units in drop pods and some speeders, planning to drop on the various objectives with a lot of objective secured units to try to score them fast.

We had some fighting, but it was sharp and brief, trying to clear enemy off of objectives so we could try to score ourselves before they could.  No blow by blow of the game but here's some more pics:

Endless Ones search for hidden knowledge...
Led by Lord Stavros the Anguished, the Tears of Sanguinius are spearheading the expedition.

Scott and I ended up splitting the lore points 3-3 and withdrew to analyze the data.

Later I got a second game in with sonofsonsoftaurus and his Ultramarines:

Traitor Marine figures older than several of the campaign participants.
Can we trade these warp talons in for grav claws?
With well-placed and well-rolled firepower, sonofsonsoftaurus managed to clear most of my forces away and score four lore points to my two.  

Some pics of other games - sonofsonsoftaurus's Ultramarines vs. Tau, Tau vs. Orks and Space Wolves vs. Grey Knights.

What can Blue do to you?

Scrap at Deff River
Hmm, looks like I didn't actually get any pictures of the Space Wolf - Grey Knight fight.  That, or the Inquisition erased them.  Next time!

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