Friday, January 15, 2016

Escalation League: 500pt snapshots

We've started up an escalation league to encourage new armies/new units.  I'm bringing the Sons of Taurus as that was what I was working on anyways, and it will help motivate me to keep plugging away on them.  We have a number of people nominally signed up, but have not gotten a lot of games in yet.  Hopefully that will change as more stuff gets assembled.  

At least in theory we have:

Sons of Taurus CSM (me)
Dark Angels
Ulthwe Eldar
Death Korps of Krieg
Imperial Fists
Black Scars (SM)
Tau space cops
SOB/Inquisitionx2 with alternate models
Luna Wolves

We get points for battles, playing new people, batreps if you don't win, getting units finished, donating terrain.

My first outing, against the forces of Krieg (with temporary stand-ins):

I've got a dreadnought, 5 minotaurs (spawn), 20 assault cultists and 20 shooting cultists.  Scott's Krieg had a regular Russ and a Punisher (20 shots) and a two-squad platoon with platoon HQ.  We battled over the Relic.

Shooting cultists move up along with dread, minotaurs rush forward, assault cultists hunker down under mortar fire (pinned due to a Warlord trait).  Krieg opens up on the minotaurs and kills one.

Minotaurs charge and wreck the tanks, then move on to the infantry.  One Krieg squad makes it to the center to contest the Relic but gets beaten down.  Victory Chaos!  Screen those tanks!

Second battle, against Leonard's Imperial Fists:

Bulk of the army pushes up the middle to head towards the devastators in the ruins ahead.  Shooty cultists on the flanks to grab objectives.  (Maelstrom mission).  

Pod drops down and wipes out cultists.

While minotaurs run down the devastators, cultists redirect to deal with the pod-squad.  They make it in a bit diminished, but gradually beat the marines down.  The cultist champion even won his challenge with the sergeant, earning +1 initiative.  

Second pod squad drops down and destroys dreadnought, but are close enough for the minotaurs to charge in for revenge.  I had scored more points from the cards, and won the game.  Spawn are nasty at 500pts until you get them whittled down a bit.

I've since gotten the cultists painted, but will wait to post updated pics until they're based and more or less finished. 


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