Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Endless Ones Heldrake, Merkan 76th vs. Hive Fleet Jumbo

Still needs a check for fixing visible goofs and sealing, but the heldrake for the Endless Ones is pretty complete.  Painting one of these already assembled is...annoying.  Thankfully, years ago some friends gave me an angled brush that came in very handy getting to spots where the wings overlap.

Sunday I got in my preliminary game for the upcoming megabattle.  See prior post for our special objectives.  I played Josh's Tyranids with my Merkan 76th Imperial Guard, 2000pts.  Josh had a small brood of hormagaunts and a large outflanking brood of devilguants, but mostly just a bunch of big bugs walking across behind venomthrope clouds.

I gave everyone krak grenades for the inevitable MC assaults.  I blobbed up my two (30-man) platoons, one (pictured) with Yarrick, the other with a normal commissar.  The one with the normal commissar happened to be sitting on an unstable warp core and disappeared at the beginning of the game.  Oof.  It put me on the back foot for this battle (as it was designed to) but that platoon will now teleport in to the big battle at no cost.  

I sent one armored sentinel to tie up the warrior brood, as they had nothing that could hurt him.  Either they sit there or he diverts a MC to free them up.  After the first turn of just shooting at clumps with blasts or whatever was visible with direct fire, I started picking off venomthropes with ignore cover orders.

Outflanking brood arrives on right flank, vapes command squad but then gets pummeled with blasts.  Out of synapse range, it falls back.

Veterans unloaded plasma into Swarmlord's hive guard with massed plasma, leaving him alone to face what remains of an infantry platoon and a bunch of krak grenades.  

Swarmies buddies move up to help.  Combined they are able to finish the guard off.

Swarming the back lines.

In the end, the bugs were triumphant.  They picked up the Blades of Devoe for Swarmlord, giving him poisoned attacks, and the tongue-beast who already recovers wounds in assault and has regeneration, gained FNP and It Will not Die.  Aside from my teleporting platoon, I held an objective that lets my Infantry Squads recycle in the megabattle.  

There was also Ben's Dark Angels vs. Leonard's Orks going on:

Apparently, black ones go fasta.

Extra nids used as forgotten killa kans.

I left before this game ended, but the Orks managed to seize the day, giving the forces of disorder a 2VP lead for the megabattle.  Hopefully our Eldar allies will be able to turn the tide.

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