Monday, September 21, 2015

Battle Report: Death Guard vs. Grey Knights

This Sunday I got a game in with McCoy's Grey Knights, using the Maelstrom mission cards.  I'm not a big fan of them for "serious" games, but for a casual game don't mind.  I broke out my Death Guard, which I had built last summer  (actually, two years ago, yikes) but have never used yet.  Better pics of the painted figures here.  

McCoy can also be seen in action here in video, using his Slaaneshi-rules Thousand Sons.  

We did 1500pts. I took Typhus, 4xnurgle terminators with land raider, dreadnought, 25xplague zombies, and 4 squads of 5 plague marines with various special weapons.  I deployed first to await the Grey Knight onslaught, trying to limit the initial wave of purifier damage.  The tealights are the objective markers.

On the battlebarge ready to deploy: Dreadknight, 10 terminators, 20 purifiers, librarian, Coteaz.

Dreadknight and purifiers drop down while the terminators are still walking to the teleport pads.  A handful of zombies and a few plague marines fall to initial Nova attacks and firepower.  GK pick up a few initial points from objective cards.

Zombies move up and assault the Dreadknight to tie it up.  Firepower takes out one GK combat squad, terminators another.  

Terminators stay away longer, while a few zombies fall but manage to score a wound on the Dreadknight.

Terminators finally show up.

Voomp!  The GK librarian casts Vortex of Doom and scores a hit on the land raider, wrecking it.  

Plague marines shoot up the terminators, killing a few.  Vortex scatters and takes a plague marine to the warp.

Terminators move towards the middle while Crowe and the librarian split off after a plague marine squad.  Zombies take another wound off the dreadknight.

The plague marines hold on for a bit, but are eventually beaten down.

Lone zombie managing to take third wound off of the dreadknight.

Dreadnought charges in, flubs his attacks and gets his arms knocked off by thunder hammers.  Later he kicks one terminator to death before being finished off.

Typhus and his fellows had taken a stroll over to another objective to finish off some purifiers, now come back for some terminator-on-terminator action.

Typhus rolls hot on the daemon weapon, blowing through the terminators and finishing off the dreadknight.

Showdown.  Librarian takes out nurgle terminator while Typhus hacks Coteaz apart, even after rolling a 1 for the daemon weapon.

Librarian flees as the game ends.  I have one plague marine left hiding and scoring linebreaker, he has a purifier combat squad remaining as well.  Grey knights edge it out, 9-7.

Overall the army did pretty well.  Zombies were a good initial screen and tarpit, Typhus was a beast, and the plague marines were pretty resilient.  It was nice to finally use them; they'll have to see the table again sometime.  


  1. Love the report, and your marines. Go nurgle!

  2. Great batrep! I don't think he should have DS the purifiers though, as they lack the DS rule... That's why you'll often see them riding in BA taxi pods.

    1. I think it had something to do with the formation he was using.

  3. Sweet batrep Sons. Good to see you are still going strong in 40K.


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