Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ready for the lists! CSM+ Daemons

With my recent acquisition of the 40K Daemon codex and the new IG codex, I've been making some lists, mostly with what I already have.

First up CSM+Daemons:

Endless Ones "Changers of the Light Bulbs" (1850)

HQ - Sorcerer, level 3, Mark of Tzeentch, Spell Familiar, plasma pistol, Sigil of Corruption

Troops - 10xcultists, flamer

Troops - 10xcultists, flamer

Troops - 10xCSM, Mark of Tzeentch, +ccw, plasmagun, autocannon, champion plasma pistol + powerfist 

Troops - 9xCSM, Mark of Tzeentch, +ccw, flamer, rhino+dozerblade

Fast Attack - 6xWarp Talons, Mark of Tzeentch

Heavy Support - Defiler, dirge casters, warpflame gargoyles, power scourge

Heavy Support - Predator (autocannon turret), warpflame gargoyles, lascannon sponsons

(Ally HQ) Lord of Change, level 3, 2x greater rewards

(Ally Troops) 10xHorrors

(Ally Fast Attack) 6xScreamers

1850 total


Death Guard "Great Unpleasant Ones" (1850)

HQ - Typhus

Troops - 25xCultists (zombies)

Troops - 5xPlague Marines, 2xmeltaguns

Troops - 5xPlague Marines, 2xflamers

Troops - 5xPlague Marines, 2xplasmaguns

Troops - 5xPlague Marines, 2xplasmaguns

Elite - Dreadnought, TL lascannon, combi-bolter

Elite - 4xTerminators, 2xPF, 2xpower axe, 3xcombi-meltas, champion gift of mutation, Mark of Nurgle, Veterans of the Long War, Land Raider with dirge casters

(Ally HQ) Great Unclean One, mastery level 3, 2xgreater rewards

(Ally Troops) 10xPlaguebearers

1846 total

IG lists to follow!

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