Monday, April 14, 2014

Battle Report: 2500pts Space Sharks vs Orks!

Sunday I got a game in with Leonard and his Orks.  We did 2500pts, the largest game I have done in quite a while.  I pretty much took a 1500pt Shark list and tacked on an extra 1000pts in terminators and upgrades.  

Some of Leonard's Orks.  He took warboss with nob squad in wagon, twenty lootas, three kans, lobbas, three looted wagons with boomguns, two 30-boy mobs, thirty grots, five koptas, dakkajet.

Neither of us have anything in particular we are burning to try out, so we just roll up a mission and get Big Guns Never Tire with four objectives.  I set up the table while he was finishing his list and pulling guys out and he picked the table side.  He won the rolloff for setup and made me deploy first.


I figured that I was generally faster and with the terminators teleporting could concentrate force better where needed, so put roughly half in each corner with an objective.  Orks spread out with dakkajet/kopta air support coming in later.

Trukk as looted wagon stand-in.

First turn fire pours into killer kans, blowing one up which takes 11 grots with it.

Da horde surges ahead.
After its driver hits the big button, looted wagon surges ahead.  Assault marines jump out to assault it, but 3" isn't far enough...
Marines move up to take out battlewagon.
Kaboom, scratch one wagon. 

Waaaaaggghhh!  Contact!
Orks are bad shots, but it still sucks being in the open.
Half the assault squad is taken out, the other half is pinned.  Rhino wrecked, spilling marines out the back.
Waaaaaagghhhh! Part 2.  Not many orks make it to combat, but they make it!
But survivors hit and run away.
As do the bikers.
Terminators...are stuck with the nobs, though they destroy the kans.
Second termie squad arrives.
Shaaaaarrrrkkkkkk!  Dread occupies boys mob, bikers and speeder scratch two looted wagons.

Assault squad dies vs. boys, but not before setting them on fire with librarian's soul blaze cc attacks.  Koptas arrive to try to knock out whirlwind.

Exploding whirlwind kills a bunch of marines, shooting kills some terminators.

Nobs finish off terminators and move towards other threats.
Tacs prep to aid Brother-Ancient Spielberg, Chapter Master charges into warboss, other bikers into grots.
Grots disappear, other fights grind.
Dakkajet strafes tac squad, killing half.

Terminators break and fall back, orks continue to burn, marines try to fend off koptas.
Tac squad breaks and falls back.  Chapter master also hurts himself with the burning blades and retreats to cool off.

Termies shoot down the last few boys.
Chapter Master comes back for round two and takes out the warboss.
Dakkajet and lootas take out bikers on objective.
Tac squad huddles on objective, nobs pull down chapter master and hustle to objective by craters, boys immobilize dread and take opportunity to break and run away.

End of turn six, game ends.  I have one objective, first blood, warlord, and four points for killing heavy support.  He has two objectives, warlord, linebreaker, and one point for killing heavy support (whirlwind).  9-9 tie!  Fun game, always good to play Leonard,  nice to do a big game now and then but very grueling!

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