Friday, April 18, 2014

Here be daemons

I finally got around to doing some more work on my Great Unclean One and Nurgle daemon prince, inspired by having picked up a new 40K daemons codex.  I used to run a good many daemons in with my chaos marines back in 3rd and 4th edition, but when they became their own army I put them away, having no real interest in them as a separate force.  With allies I've been considering mixing them in again, and with the codex have fiddled around with a few lists.  Nothing extensive, just GUO and a unit of plaguebearers or Lord of Change, unit of horrors and a few screamers or Khorne DP, bloodletters and hounds.  I am still disappointed that there's little interplay between the mortals and daemons like there used to be with icons and possession, but oh well.

The sample plaguebearer above has been painted for quite some time, they and some other daemons just need rebasing to tie into the more urban bases of my CSM.  GUO (metal) and prince (finecast) I've had for some time just unpainted.  The prince especially is an amazing model, tons of work went into sculpting that guy.  A lot went into the GUO as well, but the prince stands out even from him.  There are a lot of things I missed when first looking at him but showed up once I started working with him.  I think some of the areas I have as "armor" are supposed to be skin, but I think it's OK as is.  Great figure by Seb Perbet.

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