Saturday, January 12, 2013

League Battle Report: Merkan 76th IG vs. Necrons

I had another league game earlier this week, with Patrick coming over to pit his Necrons against the valiant sons of Merka.  We had 1500 pt forces, and rolled up a Crusade (five objectives) mission with Hammer and Anvil (short edges) deployment.

He had Imohtek the Stormlord, another necron lord, some immortals, and three flyers with warrior squads.  Imohtek kept making his rolls, so we had night for the entire game.

Merkan deployment, above.  I had two objectives - one behind the standard in the Aegis position, the other in the middle with the trees/battlescape.  In the top left you can see the manticore hiding out.

Night vision view of the Necron positions.  One objective behind each of the ruins.  Imohtek and warriors behind the bottom one, immortals inside the other two.  Barge is the black shape in front of the more "northern" ruins.

Necrons had first turn, and the lightning started to rain down.  No major effects, until he got to the manticore.  

Oh well.  Given the night range restrictions to 36", it probably wouldn't have accomplished much anyways.  First Blood to the evil space robots!

I wasn't getting great pictures, but decided to turn the lights out and get a real night shot of the burning wreck:

The Imperial Guard first turn consisted of taking out the only thing in range, the barge/ark whatever it's called and moving up the hellhound on our right flank.

Imohtek's lightning immobilized the hellhound, and a scythe dropped a squad off in front of the leman russ.  A flurry of gauss and haywire shots followed.

The tank survived, but lost two hull points.  The IG forces moved into position to lay a ton of fire into the warriors, including a point-blank battlecannon shot.

The necrons were reduced to two warriors and the cryptek, who broke and fell back.  They rallied, and four warriors put themselves back together.

On the other end of the battle, Moe Berg (Marbo) and the Stormtroopers arrived, hoping to assassinate Imohtek and clear an objective.  A few warriors died and Imohtek took two wounds, but with the demo charge missing its target the odds went down significantly.

Apparently upset by this threat to itself, the necron commander brought massive force to bear on the assassins, redirecting his aerial assault forces back to their own lines.  A flurry of shots into the ruins failed to dislodge Moe Berg, but fire into the Stormtroopers killed two and forced the others to fall back.

Back at the Merkan lines, sustained gauss fire finished off the leman russ:

Squads repositioned for more shots at the available targets, and later shot down one scythe.

The stormlord split off and entered the ruins in pursuit of his would-be assassin, while his troops continued to pour fire in.  The warriors on the left had dropped off in range of the immobilized hellhound, whose inferno cannon  took out a few, but some returned.

Eventually continued gauss fire abraded away Berg's cover and the flesh was flayed from his bones by the alien energies.  That's what you get for deviating so much on your blast buster.

Back at Merkan lines, the surviving warriors had charged and broken the veteran squad.  Necron warriors may not be the best at close combat, but they're better than guardsmen!  The platoon command squad flamers them and tries to charge, but two inches doesn't make it!

By this point, it's turn five and may as well be over.  I have no way left to try to get over to his objectives, and the 3:2 balance in his favor wins it for him, even without secondaries factored in.    Still one of my main beefs with 6th ed.  Oh well.  Congratulations to the evil space robots!

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