Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hail Hydra! And other WIPs

Destroy one tank and two shall take its place!

It's been pretty wet and cold here lately, so I haven't had a chance to seal the things I've been getting finished, but other than that I'd say they're pretty much done.  Here's the counts-as Hydra. 
And below, the autocannon squad:

Once they get some matte sealer, both should be a lot less shiny.

I may have gone a little heavy on the overbrushing on Hannibal, but I think it will be OK.  Gives him a very worn look, like he's not afraid of getting dirty and doesn't do laundry often.

And here's some random WHFB shots down at Gaming Underground that were going on while I had a league game against some Orks.  The report for that should be up in the next day or so.

Chaos vs. Dark Elves. 

Lizardmen vs. Vampire Counts.  How does cold blood taste?


  1. That Hydra turret looks better than the stock model. Far more gritty and believable. The standard Autocannon loadout is far too large.

    Hannibal is perfect for gaming now. I bet from far away on a gaming table he'd look even more kickarse.

    1. @Dai - Thanks! I don't know about the Hydra; I think the standard one is OK. I think that we're just so used to 40K imperial guns being so stubby with massive bores that something a little more realistic like the hydra guns looks out of place!

      Hannibal thanks you through his foam-flecked spittle.

  2. lol, I have a 'Hannibal' as well, only he's known as the 'Lesionary' among the ranks of my traitors, If you have an IG holstered laspistol, there's room for it on his belt to go next to his knife.

    1. The pistol is a great idea, would help to 40k him up a bit. Will play with adding a holster and some grenades. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Beautiful work all around! I especially like that Hydra - I'm pretty sure I have a leftover set of the MRLS's from the Valkyrie lurking in a box somewhere, may have to have a go at making one for the 7th!

    Cracking stuff, mate!

    1. @Mordian7th - Thanks much! Look forward to seeing your version if you get around to it!


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