Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Working through some backlog - Rainbow Wraiths

I tend to save bigger projects for when I have longer blocks of time available, so I can get significantly through a particular step before having to stop, clean up, put things away, etc.  So for times like now when I can only squeeze in five minutes at a time, I prefer to work on more one-off figures, like those above.  Nice, single-piece metals with no assembly required (other than sometimes attaching to a base).  I decided to do up the ringwraiths in a variety of colors to be able to tell them apart more easily in play and to have some extra fun with something different.  I love figures like these, lots of folds, recesses and raised areas, great for my preferred methods of getting things done quickly, washes/inks plus drybrushing.

The one on the left is traditional black, with grey drybrushing for highlights.  Next to him is blue ink over a grey undercoat.  He may be my favorite of the bunch.  Next is green ink over grey, then a series of flesh tones built up with bone armor, going for kind of a skin&bones necromancer look, then red ink over red paint for kind of a "bloodwraith" look.  Last on the right is a Reaper female fighter/paladin type, just simple metals with a bit of Ogryn Flesh wash over most of it. 


  1. I tasted the rainbow, and now im scared its trying to kill me for bitting it...

    How is LOTRSBG ?

  2. Scariest Rainbow Warriors I've ever seen! :-)

  3. @Impcommander - Don't go getting skittlish now!

    What is Lotrsbg? Some town in Sweden?

    I have no idea how the LotR big battle game is - I played a few games of the skirmish stuff and it was OK.

    @Der Feldmarschall - Shire are!

  4. Your wraiths are out of this world, but your jokes are punful to hear.

  5. These wraiths must all be wearing "Mood Rings."

    They look nice. Even evil deserves a liitle splash of color.


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