Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First time up against Dark Eldar

Or rather, the new Dark Eldar.  I played against them a lot in 3rd and some in 4th, but today was the first time facing the new book. 

I arranged a game with Alex and brought my Merkan Imperial Guard along, figuring that a footslogging horde would be a fun match against a superfast force.  Although at 83 guardsmen to 50 Dark Eldar I guess the horde needle wasn't too far in my favor.  Fun having two armies on the field with neither of them being predominantly T4 or 3+.  Despite multiple notes to myself, I managed to forget to bring a camera.  Next time I need to just put it in the car while I'm thinking about it!

We got a few comments about how much terrain there was, which is usually the case when you actually put 25% down.  Some of the terrain were some new donated pieces by another local gamer named Austin, who made some very cool, very sturdy adobe-type houses with removable roofs.

We played Dawn of War Annihilation.  I got some licks in, but BS3 IG + some poor fire lane choices + some very sturdy light skimmers + DE mobility + thoughtful play let Alex take the day.  His army is pretty similar to how I think I would build one, though I think I would drop the Incubi for some things like Hellions and Jetbikes.  Granted, his would be more effective!

Fun game, and glad I got to play Alex again.  Best moment of the game was, after having had some sidebar conversations earlier in the game about 40K's lack of "realism", having a Leman Russ ram the DE jetfighter and knock a weapon off.  Classic.

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