Sunday, September 11, 2011

First wave of Mogambians completed

During the times when I have been left in peace long enough to work on something, but not left in enough peace to concentrate sufficiently on schoolwork, I've gotten some painting in.  I completed this first batch and got them dullcoated over the weekend.  Eighty-five figures in all so far.  Next step are the 30(?) Wargames Factory Zulus.

Here are the figures that will mostly be used for good guys, the more plains-based Mogambians.  With defending more wide-open spaces, missile weapons come in handy.  The Zulu figs will also be for the plains Mogambians, as heavier infantry.  The colorful fellows in the back will be various wizardly and priestly types.

A bunch of masked guys, plus a Reaper lady.  These will be some of the opponents, from more wooded and denser terrain.  Warriors and shaman-types.  For some the shields and masks will be magical, many with extra powers beyond protection.

A close up of a couple of the shields/masks, which were a lot of fun to paint.  I didn't have any particular rhyme or reason for painting them or how I paired up the painted shields to particular figures.  I basically took a color and went through the figures/shields and added a little to a number of figures, and repeated with different colors until they all looked like they had enough coverage.  Then I grabbed a figure, grabbed the first shield that caught my eye and put them together.  The pose of the guy on the right here is a bit unwieldy; those guys were tipping over even before adding shields.  The mask isn't as cool or fully-done as the other poses either, making it my least favorite sculpt out of the mask-guys. 

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