Monday, July 11, 2011

Codex: Lost and the Damned WIP version 2

by VA

I tend to get a lot of thinking about this stuff done on vacation.  Thanks to all those who've offered suggestions and feedback so far!

Some reworking, a few new units added and some other tweaks.  Chaos Squats weren't popular, so have been replaced.  New PDF

I have some special characters sketched out that should see the light of day in the next revision.  Currently planning on a Slaaneshi Cult Leader with some special corruption/deception powers, a nasty Khornate Mutant Warlord like a cyber-shaggoth, a sneaky Tzeentchian Traitor Officer with some redeployment abilities and telepathic orders, a Nurgle Astartes Lord zombie master, a Deacon upgrade and a special character Stalk Tank.

If you have the time to look it over, I'd appreciate your thoughts here or over at The Codex Project!

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