Thursday, July 7, 2011

Space Sharks - early stages

Some more test figures for the Space Sharks using already assembled figs I had left over from secondhand lots.

I tried a different method, starting with a medium grey spray, followed by black wash, several layers of wet/drybrushing progressively lighter greys, other colors and another black wash.

Side view, showing examples of the little phrases that may adorn part of their armor or weapons.

For the most part the Space Sharks are going to be fairly plain and utilitarian, much more in the line of living weapon/ruthless efficient killers per older aesthetics and less the blinged-out shining knight look that more recent kits have moved towards.

While some of the test figures have chest eagles, I'll be avoiding those on the actual figures.  There will be some insignia and ornamentation like the above phrases, chapter symbols, unit markings and the like but I'll be going more for "utilitarian brutality" over "walking cathedral".

Original test figure.  This one was a simpler procedure, starting with a black base and only two wet/drybrush steps followed by a black wash.

I don't really see significant differences to the end result, so will probably use the simpler and quicker method going forward.

In the more recent batch I went with black helmet lenses, but I think I'll return to the yellow ones.  Takes away from the "Hey, I'm a shark!" look slightly, but I think it pops a lot more and an extra bit of color on mostly drab grey/black figures should help keep them from looking plain.

Back view.  Again, I don't see significant differences to justify the extra steps.

Baggied up bits for the infantry, ready for assembly.  I also have the bikes and vehicles but they're still on the sprues.

Back in the day, I originally planned on them being all-beakie, but since I have my all-beakie Silver Skulls I'll use a variety of heads on these guys.  I'm not really fond of the Mk VII helmet, so likely few if any of those, but some alternate heads and repurposed CSM heads should feature.

Very WIP of Captain Mako on his Kromlech jetbike. 

Fiddling around, trying to make him look suitably fancier while maintaining the utilitarian style.

That's all for now, but likely next week there should be some more assembled Space Sharks.


  1. Looking good so far.
    I am a sucker for anything Badab War.

  2. Loving it.

    Old-school Space Sharks for the win, my friend.

  3. They look sharp and crisp. Nice work. As for the writing on the shoulder pads I think the thickness of the text need to be trimmed down. Might want to try using Mirco Pens to do the lettering. Keep up the great work.

  4. Those look pretty good Jim, we should get a battle in when they are table-top ready. I just finished my first Executioner and he's itching for a fight.

    Check him out.

  5. @HOTpanda - yeah, I'll give a couple of things a try. Thanks!

    @Chris - Thanks! Absolutely. I look forward to bashing up some Executioners.

  6. Very nice site, some really good modelling and painting of your Space Sharks!
    I am thinking about doing a Badab War chapter, Minotaurs? and came across your site.

    Can you add me to your blog exchange and vice verse please?

  7. Thanks Vitor. I'm a Minotaurs fan too, look forward to seeing yours come together if you decide to go that way.

  8. so i just randomly came back here, through a series of links, and noticed that cool looking Kromlech Jetbike. I am This close to starting a ravenwing force b/c of you. lol.

    Maybe when 6th rears its head.

    for now. I heard rumor of a LATD book... so more traitors must be gathered.

  9. DO IT! Hey, they can always be renegades/fallen. ;-)

    As fate would have it, I recently did more work on the bike captain, should have some newer pics up soon.

  10. I blame Tzeentch, lol.

    I have thought about adding in a unit of fallen, i want to have a few SGT, or guys in an actual DA army, follow that up by their fallen versions. so of the 3 sgt's i have 3 fallen.

    I'd have to make them pre-heresy, b/c i keep telling myself that i will make one. but this is all for later.


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