Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scrap pile pile-on: Orks vs. Necrons Battle Report

Got a game in today with my friend John, who brought over his Necrons.  He didn't have a preference for who to fight against, so I broke out the Orks who are based to fit the desert-themed terrain I had laid out.

I had my standard Ork list, Kaptin Krumpa's Blood Axe Armored Cav:
Warboss Mega Armor, Cybork Body, Bosspole(115)

Big Mek  Kustom Force Field, Bosspole, Eavy Armor (95)

12xKommandos 2xBurnas Nob w/PowerKlaw, Eavy Armor, Bosspole (195)

5xMeganobz 3xShoota-Skorchas Battlewagon w/Grot Riggers, Armor Plates, Grabbin Klaw, Reinforced Ram, 2xBig Shootas (340)

10xGrots, Runtherd (40)

30xBoyz (Shootas) 3xBig Shootas,Nob w/Big Choppa, Eavy Armor, Bosspole (220)

12xBoyz(slugga/choppa) Ardboyz Nob w/PK, Bosspole Trukk – Rokkit, Ram (205)

12xBoyz (slugga/choppa) Nob w/PK, Eavy Armor, Bosspole Trukk – Rokkit, Ram  (162)

11xBoyz (Shootas) Big Shoota Trukk – Rokkit, Ram (116)

6xBikes Nob w/ Power Klaw and Bosspole (190)

2xKoptas w/TL Rokkits (90)

3xLobbas, w/2 ammo runts (piles of ammo) (81)


The forces of Tomb World B'Yas:

Lord with Destroyer body, warscythe, lightning field (with one warrior group)
Lord on foot with warscythe, res orb, veil of darkness (with immortals)
2 groups of 17 Warriors
10 Immortals
3 Destroyers
7 Scarabs
Tomb Spyder

We went for a random standard mission and wound up with Annihilation with a Dawn of War setup.

John won the roll-off, and accordingly deployed first.  He put down one squad of Warriors along with the Destroyer Lord.  The Monolith would Deepstrike, the other Warrior squad would come in via Reserves, and the rest of the army would walk/float on Turn 1.

I deployed my big Shoota Boy mob to face off against the Warriors and included the Big Mek to give them some protection against massed guass shooting.  Besides, he wanted first crack at all those robot parts!  My Kommandos would Outflank, the Grots would walk on (and try to avoid becoming an easy KP), the rest would roll on Turn 1.

I fail to seize the initiative and the Necrons start Turn 1.

The initial warrior squad moves up, while scarabs, immortals + lord, tomb spyder and destroyers charge onto the field.  With the Orks being out of rapidfire range, we move on to the Ork turn.

The koptas come in on my far left, turbo boosting towards the destroyers.  The shoota boys move up, as the battlewagon and trukks come on together, smashing over barriers.  Bikers patrol out to the right to cover the mechanized assault. There's some shooting from the big mob into the warriors that knocks a few down, but only one permanently.


The Necrons move up, shooting up the big mob of shoota boys while the Destroyers shoot and then charge the koptas, but the result is a standoff.

The Orks surge forward.  The shootas slide over and charge into the side of the destroyers to back up the koptas, while other units hit the warriors and scarabs.  The battlewagon, despite the ram, manages to immobilize itself trying to finish crossing over the barricade.  Throughout the game the Grot Riggers toil to repair it but apparently can't remember where the spare tracks are.

The Destroyers are dispatched, as are the scarabs.  The Orks assaulting into the lightning field fare more poorly, with the sluggas being run off but the bikers holding firm.

The Tomb Spyder charges in to support the warriors, and combined they finish off the bikers but the spyder also goes down to the biker nob's klaw attacks. 

The Kommandos arrive, but are in turn outflanked by another squad of warriors, who proceed to gauss flay all of them but the nob.

Meanwhile the Immortals teleport over and take shots at the Lobbas, killing one crew and wrecking two guns.

The Kommando nob, unable to reach a target in a charge, opts for discretion and hoofs it behind some cover.  A Necron Lord detaches and charges the nob, warscythe hungry for Ork blood.

Before the nob's powerklaw can be brought into play, the warscythe has already cut through the arm the klaw was attached to.  The last of the Kommandos is gone.

Meanwhile an Ork trukk shocks the initial unit of warriors, making them fall back!

Another trukk shepherds them off the table, while this one turns and shocks the Immortals, who hold firm and get charged by the Ard Boyz.

The Monolith finally arrives on turn 5 and zaps everything in range, and pulls the Immortals out of combat, leaving the Ard Boyz confused and exposed.

The warriors and lord on the other side charge and finish off the Ard Boyz, but in turn are trukk shocked and fall back on a boxcars morale check.  The Warboss detaches from the meganobz but his slow and purposeful rolls keep him from being able to charge the Immortals, but the shoota boys make contact and chop a few down, leaving one standing.  The meganobz charge the monolith but fail to connect with their klaws.

We roll to see if the game ends, and it's all over!  The count is at 7 (two warrior squads, two lords, tomb spyder, scarabs, destroyers) to 4 (sluggas, ard boyz, bikers, kommandos) in favor of the Orks. 

I think that John may have moved up a little too far, too fast, but that lightning field is golden against Orks.  The battlwagon getting stuck was annoying but funny, especially as it kept failing repair check after repair check.  The megas were still able to get into the fray just fine, so it really didn't hurt.  While I think he did  come up a little fast, John did do a good job of being aggressive against the Orks, getting the charge off several times to deny me extra attacks/furious charge and trusting in his good saves and my poor ones to see him through.  If he hadn't failed the tank shock checks things could certainly have gone differently, or at least it would have been more like 5-4 instead of 7-4, and if he had made checks and the game had continued the bots might have been able to turn it around. 


  1. That's a pretty fantastic set of pictures... I've just skimmed the report, so I've got to go back for a closer read, but I was impressed with the terrain, the armies, and the shots.

    Great job.


  2. Glad you like them Brent. Four minutes...if that's not a record for fastest comment, it must be close! Look forward to your thoughts after reading more closely.

  3. Really enjoyed this report for a number of reasons:
    -great synopsis of the action.
    -perfect layout of photos with aforementioned synopsis.
    -superb choice of army based on aesthetics of their bases. Tremendous.

    Those Orks looks stunning, by the way.

  4. Thanks b.smoove. There are more pics of the Orks (and my other armies) in my gallery at DakkaDakka, click the link on the right underneath the BoLS link.

  5. As the Necron Commander I have decided to remove all of the experimental emotion chips which we had installed to better understand the exquisite emotion of fear which lesser races feel. Our filters work perfectly against the other races but the orks only emotions are anger & stupidity which does not translate well with our programming!

    Good Game tho!



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