Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I've encountered a lot of new and returning 40K players lately, and have been thinking of putting together an event or series of events specifically for them, as opposed to the regular tournaments and such which are geared more towards veteran players.  The focus is intended to be more on getting more familiar with the game as opposed to just crushing your opponents and knocking their soft scores. ;-)

I already have some ideas of my own for how to do it, but I'm interested in other ideas too. 

If you were (or even better, if you actually are!) a brand new player or one who is returning from an extended absence and were just getting into 40K:

*Would you be interested in such an event, where you play other new players, with "judges" around to help you find and interpret rules?

*How would you like it set up?  What would you want it to be like?  What would you *not* want to see?


  1. *hmmmmpf* I see, I will need some USA holidays this year ... :D

  2. One of the best events I have found for returning players (which I was 9 months ago) was an escalation tournament. Starting at 500 points and going up 250 points a month, this gave players time to learn their armies, paint their armies and learn the rules.
    At our old FLGS it died out after 4 months, but it was fun and I am hoping that our new FLGS runs one.

  3. @t800a - come on over! We'll make room for you.

    @Mags - I'm picturing it as more of a one-day thing, but incorporating an escalation element might be good. Maybe start at 500 with some restrictions like no vehicles so don't have to deal with vehicle rules and everyone can get basic mechanics down, then 750 and finally 1000. Might be good, might just complicate things more. Will have to consider...

  4. For sure? Never was in the USA ...


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