Friday, June 18, 2010

Chaos Guard - Techno-Barbarian platoon

Got some more gluing time and got the techno-barbarian platoon pretty much sorted.  Used a variety of parts from the various Catachan sets (regular, heavy weapons, command boxes), fantasy Chaos Marauders, Marauder Cav, Warriors, Beastmen, some CSM heads and of course the metal Catachan and Necromunda figs.  I've found that I really hate the regular Catachan arms that are meant to hold lasguns - they're a pain to get right and only really fit over some of the Catachan torsos.  So for many figs I abandoned them and went with other options.

Platoon command - commander with PF, two flamers and two pistol/ccw.  One flamer modified to have the chaos gargoyle head.

Couple of other views, helping to show the shields many carry along.  I didn't want to cover up the Escher's hair, so she didn't get one. 

First half of the first squad.  Guy in the middle will be the squad leader, with power maul.  The more recent Catachan bodies seem a bit smaller than the old ones, and the bigger head types didn't look right, so the kneeling guys all got either more recent Catachan heads or Chaos Maruauder Cav heads.

  Rest of the first squad.  I like the guy in the middle, using one of the bodies from the Catachan command kit.  His axe arm is from a Beastman, with some excess hair shaved off.  The beastmen arms are a bit bigger, but from a distance it's not really noticeable.  Besides, these guys are probably part mutant.

First half of second squad.  Skullie in the middle will be the sgt.  Used some Necromunda weapons on this squad.

For the guy second from the left, I cut off the handle of his sheathed blade on the backpack to give the impression that the machete in his hand is from the backpack.  The lasgun on his base isn't glued on yet, will secure it after basing.


  1. This is a great concept, they look very neat and characterful!

  2. When we gonna see some painted action. I know for my rebel or traitors I'm trying to figure out the paint scheme, as I want it to look like they used to wear uniforms at one point...

  3. Excellent bit of kit bashing. This concept is really coming along nicely. I have to agree with Muskie, I can't wait to see how you paint them.

  4. I'm loving your conversions!

    Wich codex will you use to field this army?

    Keep up the nice job ;D

  5. Thanks for the comments folks!

    @Muskie & Mags - Painting will happen at some point! My pattern is normally to build everything and then paint everything, but I might get bit by the painting bug earlier. At the moment I'm pretty sure there's at least going to be a good bit of red to tie them in with my Word Bearers.

    @Nesbet - I'm going to use Codex: Imperial Guard, to make things easy on myself instead of a FW list or a self-updated Lost and the Damned list, much as I'd like to. For a time I considered using Codex: Orks, but having recently made an actual Ork army steered away from that. Someday though...

    You can see the initial list idea here:

    Though I get the feeling that this army will ultimately grow well beyond that.


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