Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fourth War for Armageddon: Planetfall

We had our next mission for our Armageddon campaign, a modified Planetfall mission (power level 75).  Chaos and Ork forces rain down from orbit upon the beleaguered Imperial defenders.  Above, some of sonsofsonsoftaurus' Ultramarines take up positions.

My early pictures of my own game seem to have disappeared.  I played against John W's Deathskulls. Bastion in the middle with a squad inside, squad and officer outside, squads and tanks spread out behind.  He brought an all infantry force aside from a dakkajet, and descended with a vengeance.

Burna boyz and warboss overrun the bastion defenders, while tankbusters take on a chimera.

Flash gits take on the other chimera.

Hive gangers (conscripts) head out to ambush the tankbusters but fail their charge.

Flash gits take a pounding, but aren't all killed yet.

More boys arrive. 

Tankbusters finish the chimera.  The guys inside bail out, then charge into the orks.

Burnas and warboss wipe out the bastion, while gangers tangle with a big mek.

Squad that abandoned the bastion before it was too late try to save the hellhound.

Orks swarm the imperial armor.  In the end a lot died, but not enough of it was ork.  One lonely manticore slunk away after several rounds of close combat with gretchin to report on the disaster.

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  1. Enjoying these articles. looks like a great campaign so far

    1. Thanks. It was fun, nice to get a bunch of "new to us" players coming to the store we play at and work through some of the 8th ed differences. I missed the final day, but it appears the Imperials ended up with a narrow victory.

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