Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Some random updates and thoughts, not enough in any one for a full post at this point:

We're getting ready for another escalation league, still on the fence on what to bring.  Will probably end up with Endless Ones as I should be able to go all the way to 2000 without having to make anything new.  May still end up with Space Sharks, though I will need to add some to reach 2000, if I backburner other things/put them in the mix I should be able to do them in time (eviscerator, eight bikers, two attack bikes).  

I've got the new Space Marine codex and have looked through it but haven't delved deep into it.  Partly because it isn't that deep.  Little has changed, and from my perspective too little to really justify a full new book.  Some things I hoped for like adjusting things like Thunderfire cannons more expensive didn't happen.  While there were minor tweaks, really they could have just put out a $20 book of Space Marine formations.  

I've been thinking of trying some retro-40K, taking things back to a somewhat simpler time without layers of rules on top of one another, superheavies, etc.  To that end I've been floating the idea of an event/league/campaign using 7th ed core rules but 3rd ed army books and FOC.  It's starting to get a little more traction, we'll see if it gets going. 

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  1. But Marines always need a new codex or two in any given edition to soak up that easy cash flow. Yeah, they really could easily have put out a formations supplement and called it a day.


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