Sunday, June 28, 2015

League pre-season game: Endless Ones vs. Orks 1000pts

We have a new league gearing up at Gaming Underground, with various upgrades available for your warlord over time.  We had some pre-season games today, with my Endless Ones against Leonard's Orks and James' new Grey Knights against Solomon's traitor guard.  Above my sorceror Barbatos deploys with the Wild Bunch mixed renegades to assess their worthiness first-hand.

Havocs deploy in elevated firing position.  Our mission was six objectives spread around, plus a variety of secondary/tertiary points.  The objectives were mysterious, and we actually remembered them, but they had no effect on the game.  

More Endless Ones deploy for fire support on other flank.  Cultists stayed in reserve to walk on mid-game and grab close objective.

The opposition.  Leonard had recently finished painting his 30-strong grot mob and 6 kans so fielded them both.  

Looted wagon and zzap guns.

On the other table, inquisitor and servitors square off against traitor armor and air support.

Making the allegiance obvious.

Spawn and Wild Bunch shift to the right, and kans and big boyz mob move to intercept.  His warlord was a weirdboy, who manged to perils and kill himself on the second power of his first turn.  That'll teach them to fool with Tzeentch!

Chaos pounces on the ork mob, hoping to finish them off before the kans can make it to the fray.

Chewing through the orks, but doc FNP saves help them stick around.  Unit champion and nob slug it out and though the champion has a good start and help from spawn-induced fear, eventually the nob klaws him down.

Kans move over to help but fail their charge, getting three inches when needed six.  Looted wagon has been trashed by autocannon fire.

Chew chew chew.

Kans make it in, but orks finished off.  Doc survives to run away.  Break out the krak grenades!

Cultists have come on and grabbed objective on my left, support squad comes down from building to head for central objective.

Fight fight fight!

Last of the kans finished off, but the 20-strong marine squad much, much smaller by the end.  They clamber over the wreckage towards another objective while spawn moves towards the gretchin.  Game ends, chaos victory!

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