Saturday, March 21, 2015

Triad Cluster battle report: Orks vs. Space Wolves, the finale

We had the last battles for our Triad Cluster campaign a few weeks ago.  Here's some pictures, better late than never!  I played against Scott's Space Wolves, with Vanguard Strike deployment and we each had one objective to protect.

Orks deploy to either rush enemy objective or wheel around the right.

Big mob spread out to deny drop pod zones

Space Wolves deploy, Long Fangs in position and the Fangs of Fenris ready to sweep toward the orks.
First waves of pods slams down, taking out a trukk and bottling up the ork advance

Interlude: Green Tide vs. Eldar/Dark Eldar, wraithknight getting its feet messy

Big Mek fires himself into the enemy

Orks swarm out into the marines, but the confines keep them from using their numbers to full advantage

Orks sweep around the right
Thunderwolves chewing through the opposition

The Squig-15 arrives and strafes wolves
T-wolves finish off Steel Leejun and move on to the shoota boys.

Action around SW objective

Can the dread slow them down?  Nope.
Objective trading
The Grey Hunters were better off with the nobs staying in the trukk.
In the end we each held the other's objective, both had linebreaker, but the SW having first blood from blowing up a trukk gave them the game.  For the campaign, the Imperials had been unstoppable, with a steady progress from the Space Wolves and Inquisition with some Blood Angel aid giving them dominance of the cluster and victory!


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