Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Void Phantoms and Orks vs. more Orks!

In an attempt to further help my Ork opponent from the last game get a little more experience, I brought him along as my ally against Leonard's Orks.  

He took a warboss, twenty boys with nob and two big shootas, seven nobs/three klaws in a trukk and three koptas with rokkits.  I had Baharroth with six hawks, five rangers, warwalker with bright lances, warwalker with starcannons, bikers with warlock.

Leonard took two 30-strong mobs, one with Mad Dok Grotsnik, five koptas with rokkits, three lobbas, and a battlewagon with flash gits.  1000pts plus our free warlord up to 200pts.  Four objectives primary, kill points secondary.

We go first, and bikers start sidling up towards a flank.

Rangers plink away at lobbas through an open doorway but fail to remove any.

Ork allies zip up the other flank.

Flash gits blast the nobs' trukk away, killing two.  

Hawks land and shoot up enemy koptas, forcing them to flee off the table.  

Ally Orks keep pushing towards the far end, bounce some rokkits off the battlewagon.

Mobs keep on advancing.  The ally ork mob, having been cut down to ten models and later six by lobba fire withdraws in the face of a full mob.

Bad difficult terrain checks can sure slow you down!

Flash gits let it rip and wipe out the allied koptas.

Rangers keep shooting and falling back in front of the oncoming drugged-up orks.

Jetbikes zip across to threaten the lobbas.  

Allied ork survivors hang out to secure an objective while enemy orks claim others.

Bikers charge and run down the lobba crews.

Getting pretty close...

Would it surprise you to hear that the Rangers actually won this combat?
Yeah, it would surprise me too.  No such luck.

Flash gits shoot up bikers, leaving one alive for now.

The big move, too little too late.  Hawks jump back in, warwalker trots over and nobs move out from hiding to triple-team an ork mob.

Shooting takes out a lot of boys, but the nobs fail their charge and get shot up in turn.  

Warwalker sits on objective.  Flash gits roll back over and blast the hawks, killing Baharroth.

Game ends, two objectives each for a tie on the primary, he ran away with kill points to win the secondary, he got first blood and slay the warlord, neither of us had linebreaker.  Ork victory.

By the end of the Ork first turn, my allied orks were pretty crippled, losing half their big mob, the trukk and two nobs.  The flash gits protected by their ride were pretty hideous, helped by Leonard consistently rolling low for their AP, helping to contribute to blowing up the trukk and taking out Baharroth.  Definitely the MVGs of the match, not only killing a number of units but creating a large zone of control.  

Steven (allied orks) had to make a ton of leadership checks, and kept making those Ld7 checks like a champ.  We never used the mob rule table this game.  Battle focus continues to be a great ability.  
Congrats to Leonard for a good win and good use of the flash gits.  After a rough start I'm happy we were able to claw our way back to a tie on the primary mission even if we lost the secondary.  

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