Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Go hard or go home

Some more work on the battlewagon and the guys who will ride in it, a 20-strong Ard Boyz mob!

Since last time I added a few gubbins to the wagon, notably a smokestack and an interior floor and some ladders for helping go over the top.

Some fantasy black orcs, a nob, some regular boyz with extra armor and some old metal tankbustas I got planning to make some back in 3rd ed IIRC, finally took them out of the blisters.  They have some decent armor and I like the skull masks half of them have.

View into the passenger zone, some Cyberclicks pieces helping out.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Good choice using the black orks to spruce up the ard boyz. Really makes them look propa ard!

    1. Thanks. I originally planned to mix them more with regular 40K ork bits, but they way they're built made that less practical so they're pretty much straight builds with holstered pistols slapped on.


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