Sunday, June 15, 2014

Endless Ones: Abyssal Reavers Rhino and WIP Tears of Sanguinius

I used it in the special event posted earlier, but just finished it in time for that, so hadn't posted specific pics of the finished berzerker rhino yet.  Nothing fancy, just a simple Khornate rhino, spikes to serve as a dozer blade, some insignia, and speaker to serve as dirge caster.  Red and metallic to fit with the Abyssal Reavers themselves.

Also a very early WIP shot of the Tears of Sanguinius Raptors and Slaanesh lord:

Lord (front rank on right) will be my 3rd HQ in the campaign, jumping around with a Murder Sword to go after enemy characters.  Hopefully I can get the army he leads up against some Blood Angels to tweak them a bit.

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