Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIP Trukk/Looted Wagon

I found myself with a little time at home today, and while looking through my ork bits was thinking about a nobz squad and decided to make a ride for them.  I pulled out an ebay surplus chaos rhino, pried a few things off and started looting it, adding bits from various kits - deff dread, trukk, dakkajet.

The dozer blade and havoc launcher convert easily over to a ram and rokkit (indeed, my other trukk rokkits are havoc launchers) so they stayed.  Symbols that had been added were removed, hatch pried open to make it open topped, boarding planks added to the side doors.

It wasn't in great shape to start with, but I added some extra holes and scarring while I was at it.  

League game against the Soul Drinkers (Blood Angels rules) this Sunday, report to follow if I don't forget the camera!


  1. I like it. The exhaust pipes especially are nice touch, gives it a bit more Chugga.

  2. Thanks for the kind words gents!


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