Sunday, April 7, 2013

40K League Battle Report: Orks vs. Soul Drinkers

Another league game, this time at 1000pts, the Scouring vs. Corben's Soul Drinkers.  Why they want to drink feet, the Orks don't really understand, but whatever.

Pre-game I spent some time with the store's terrain collection, gluing some of the styrofoam stuff back together that had gotten broken and reorganizing the shelves to get similar things together - woods in one place, trenches in one place, barricades in one place, etc.  Next time I'll try to remember to bring some plastic glue to reassemble some of the cities of death buildings that have really been abused.

When Corben arrived we set up the table and got rolling.  He set up and went first.  Vanguard Strike deployment.  I finally remembered to bring the markers for Scouring points and mysterious objectives I got a while back via Fred's Warhammer Stuff and was happy to use those.

I had:
Mega armored warboss
5xmega nobs, 3xkombi-skorchas, battlewagon
30xshoota boys
11xshootaboys, trukk
10xgrots, slaver

He took:
Death company squad with chaplain HQ in pod
Assault squad in pod
Scout squad
Furioso librarian in pod (Sarpedon counts-as)

He deployed the scouts on one objective with the rest of the army podding or flying in.  I set everything up aside from the grots in reserve.

Tac marines standing in as scouts

Two pods slam down turn one while Soul Drinker fire takes down a few Orks holed up in the middle building.  Assault squad heads towards the 4pt objective, Sarpedon moves towards where the lobbas are hiding.  They've apparently gotten quite a reputation.

Close up of Sarpedon and his icky spider legs.  Sure, you guys aren't corrupted by Chaos.  Keep telling yourselves that.

Ork vehicles surge forward; big shoota boys mob starts vacating building to head towards Sarpedon (and to loot pods; they're like big care packages for the mekboys).  

Another pod slams down, with chaplain and death company.  Some more shooting kills a few orks.

Scout missile launcher takes out the trukk, which with a Kaboom! takes out two passengers, but the remaining nine are ready to take the fight to the scouts.

Sarpedon charges into the lobbas.  The grot crew fails to scratch the AV13, but they make a great morale roll and hold firm for now.  

In the distance, trukk boys head towards the scouts, as the foot mob continues filing out of the building and grots come on board to hold the middle (2pt) objective.  Megas pile out of the wagon and light up the death company with skorchas.

Megas krump the death company for the loss of one nob from rends, while the dread gets a boy shield to keep Sarpedon from charging it.  Sarpie finishes off the lobbas.  Trukk boys on the other flank charge and wipe out the scouts, securing that objective.  Assault squad hunkers down on four point objective.

Sarpedon comes around and charges the Ork shoota boys, while the stormraven arrives and lights up the meganobs, bloodstrike missiles killing two.

In order to keep coherency, the boys continue to stream around both sides of the dread, effectively trapping it until they pass!  Sarpedon kills a few boys a turn, but it tied up for a while.

Sarpedon gradually eats through the boys and moving closer to the grots.  The stormraven went to hover mode to smoke the battlewagon, leaving it vulnerable to the warboss and friends klawing it out of the sky.  Dread entertains itself by tearing a drop pod apart.

Megas move over to hold a 3pt objective, dread starts shuffling over to the 4-pointer, but the game ends before he can get there.  Soul Drinkers held the 4pointer and had first blood and linebreaker, I had both 3pointers and a two pointer, slay the warlord and linebreaker - Ork victory!


It was warm outside when I got home, so I broke out the airbrush and tried to do some base colors on the new rhino trukk.  I got another reminder that my airbrush sucks and/or I suck at using it, as even water seems to get clogged in the thing.  To heck with it, back to brushes.  I saw some $9 airbrushes online; may get a few of those and see if they do better for me than the fancier versions.  All I want is to put down even base coats; I don't need all kinds of fancy stuff.  Just something I can't mess up as easily.  Bah.


  1. Nice report! Naration told with pictures is the way to go. And those are some nice looking models. The Soul Drinkers as Blood Angels is a nice take on that, and Serpadon looks really nice with those legs. The orks take the cake though -- nice uniform colors, cool desert camie look. Very cool.

  2. 14 days since your last post sons, you are getting us worried out here.

    1. Thanks for the concern man! Just busy with work and home, so not much hobbying done, and didn't get a game in last week, so not much to post. Got my league game in yesterday so hopefully will have time for a batrep soon.


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