Sunday, April 26, 2015

Khorne Daemonkin vs. Eldar (6th ed)

Last Sunday I got to test drive the Khorne Daemonkin book against Mike's Eldar (using the 6th ed book).  We played the Scouring with Vanguard Strike deployment.  I used things I already had, so at 2000pts I ended up with:

Terminator Lord and 5 terminators
2xCSM squads in rhinos
2xcultist squads
2xFlesh Hound packs

Standard CAD, though if/when I get serious about building an army for this I would like to use the special detachment/formations in the book.

Mike brought a double-CAD foot Eldar list with a super-unit of Eldrad, two other farseers, four warlocks and Maugun Ra, 20xguardians with bright lance platform, two squads of dire avengers, squad of scorpions, squad of warp spiders, small jetbike unit, squad of wraithguard with wraithcannons. 

Guardian tripwire spread across the front, with scorpions ahead of the mass on the Eldar left.

Dogs Scout move ahead, and Rhinos and Spawn move forward as well.  Defiler lobs a shell that kills a few guardians and dire avengers.

Maugun Ra immobilizes the Defiler.  In the first of several times this game I was too cautious, I decide not to charge the spawn towards the scorpions, running instead and trusting in cover to protect against wraithcannons.

Bright lance platform takes out the Defiler, earning the Eldar First Blood and me my first Blood Tithe point.

Wraithcannons take down a few Spawn and scorpions hack into the survivors.

Flesh Hounds tear guardians apart and start to sniff out the spoor of enemy psykers.

Meanwhile Warp Spiders appear and gib some cultists.  One survives.

Terminators stay in reserve, but Bloodletters arrive to back up the spawn but scatter closer to the wraithguard and dire avengers.

Jetbikes had also arrived, causing cultists to fall back.

Eldar shooting took out the bloodletters, scorpion chainswords finished the Spawn.  Hey, at least I get more Blood Tithe points!

Super-Elf Friends chop up one hound unit while dire avengers whittle the other down.

Cultists rally, and terminators finally arrive turn four, and scatter further away from the warp spiders.  Cultist pistols take out a biker and cause the others to fall back.  

One marine squad gets torn up by the witch squad, other one finishes off scorpions.  I had FNP running at this point but it didn't help much.

Witch squad deals with other marines.

Warp spiders ran away from terminators and covered central objective.  I spread my backfield around to cover a few objectives, but not enough to counter the Eldar's VPs.  Victory Eldar!


I enjoyed the game, and probably would have done better if I had managed to concentrate units a little more and been more aggressive with charges.  The flesh hounds likely would have been a better counter to the wraithguard, and the terminators arriving sooner would have been nice.  

The blood points were nice, took the sting out of units dying a bit and made you cheer the death of enemies even more.  Over the course of the game I collected 12 points I believe.  Having the extra free points from the Khorne detachment would have been nice, perhaps an extra summoned unit to contest an objective, and the Slaughtercult's special bonus would have been handy too.  

Overall really like the feel of the book.  Pretty spot-on bringing the fluff to the table top, and a hard act to follow with future books.


  1. I think with khorne, it's pretty important to use their special cad, as it gives bonuses specifically to their blood tide stuff (which is the main point of running the army). I think you'll enjoy using it!

    This is actually the one army I've been thinking of starting up, just because it's really fluffy and really fits the play style...and since you get rewarded for dying, it lets you be a bit more aggressive, which is always really fun!

    1. Yep, if/when I make the army for it, it will be built around the special FOC/formations. Just didn't have the appropriate models to make it work yet.


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