Tuesday, September 2, 2014

7th Ed 40K quick table of contents

Just a quick post, if you find it useful great, if not no worries.  For your convenience a reference sheet showing where in the book different things are found in case you don't want to use the index or table of contents.  I put it together for some new and returning players I will be having another "And They Shall Know No Rules" event for.  Enjoy!

Warhammer 40K 7th edition reference sheet

Movement Phase p18
               Difficult/dangerous terrain p108
               Movement table p199

Psychic Phase p22
               Powers – see codex or p192

Shooting Phase p30 (Ranged Weapons p176)
               To hit – p32 (p200)
               Snap shots – p32
               To-wound table p34 (p200)
               Move & shoot? (p201)
               Saves/AP pp36-7
               Run/Turboboost/Flat Out p38, p63, p75 (p199)

(Weapons p40)

Assault Phase p44 (Melee Weapons p178)
               Overwatch p45
               To hit p49 (p202)

Morale p56
               Regrouping p59

Unit Types p62

Vehicles p72 (plus pp201-2)
               Shooting at vehicles p75
               Vehicles in assault p78
               Transports p80
               Flyers p84
               Chariots p86
               Open Topped/Heavy/Fast Vehicles p88
               Skimmers p89
               Walkers p90
               Tanks (and Tank Shock/Ramming) p92
               Super-Heavy Vehicles p94
               Vehicle Upgrades p98 and codex
Characters p100
               Challenges p101
Terrain p108
Choosing your Army p116 and codex
Warlord/Warlord Traits p124 and codex
Allies p126 (Allied detachment p122)
Missions p128

Special Rules p156 (including Blast, Independent Character, Template)

Ranged Weapons p176 and codex
Melee Weapons p178 and codex
Grenades p180 and codex
Psychic Powers p192 and codex
Reference tables p199


  1. Thanks! I'm sure this started as a reference for yourself, but thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

    1. Yep, created as a reference for a bunch of newer players locally but figured others might find it handy too.


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