Sunday, July 13, 2014

Campaign Batreps - Void Phantoms vs. Space Marines and Imperial Guard

As part of the campaign at Gaming Underground, my Void Phantoms Eldar corsairs faced a challenge from Jim's space marines (using Black Templar rules).  

This is a leftover round one game, so 500pts plus a character up to 200pts.  My character this time around was my Maugan Ra stand in.  I also had a 3-bike jetbike squad with attached warlock, five rangers, six swooping hawks, six striking scorpions, ten dire avengers.  He took three crusader squads, two in lascannon razorbacks, one in a rhino along with his chapter master.  We had old spearhead deployment (start in a corner, can't be closer than 12" from center), primary mission six objectives placed in fixed locations across table, secondary mission table quarters.

I infiltrated the rangers off to one side to pick at marines as they crossed over, and massed the other units waiting for them to come.  Hawks deep striking in.

Jim's army features his home-made rhinos, using different things he's trying out.  One paper, one wood, one plastic.  The three little pigs I guess.  Between singing spear and maugun ra's S6 shooting we manage to take out one razorback and shoot up the small squad of marines who spill out.  On the other side his big squad kills two rangers who promptly flee into a concealed position where they sit out the rest of the game, not wanting to expose themselves next to his big unit and get killed, content to wait and contest a table quarter.  

I move up to take on his small squads.  Here we see scorps about to get charged and bikers getting flamed.  They both do fine.

Mandiblasters took out one marine, chainswords another, with the third going down in the following round.  Bikers flit back to cover an objective, dire avengers move up and shoot up a crusader squad with help from arriving hawks.  One guy left for now, second razorback taken out.

Finish off last guy and consolidate around various objectives.  Hawks hop behind white tower on top left to cover that table quarter and threaten rhino.  His big squad stubbornly holds onto the intersection objective and continues to pop shots at whoever they can.  In the end I carried the day, winning the primary (objectives) and the secondary (table quarters), along with linebreaker and first blood, neither of us getting slay the warlord.  

After a break, it was time for round two and a game against Will's Imperial Guard.

Not a good arrangement for 7th ed blasts

We moved up to 750pts.  I used Maugan Ra as my HQ again, and added another five man ranger squad, an exarch for the hawks, starcannon warwalker, brightlance warwalker.  With my points from round one I bought a Fuel Depot, which lets me give one unit scout, which I plan to use for outflanking even more stuff.

Our deployment was hammer and anvil (short edges).  Six objectives primary with fast attack counting for extra points (basically serving as tiebreaker for the primary), secondary getting stuff into the other DZ.  With the opponent, table setup and the missions I elected to reserve everything except the Rangers, jumping in the hawks, walking DA from my board edge with everything else outflanking (bikes due to the Fuel Depot).

Will had a Paskisher (Pask in a Leman Russ Punisher with three heavy bolters...should paint it black with a big white skull on front!) along with a regular Russ as his buddy, a squad of vets in chimera, two-squad platoon and a vendetta.  The tanks were my big worry, but I hoped to weather the storm long enough to kill his squishy guys and hope to get into position with my AT stuff.

Scorpions arrive.  Not terribly pleased, but hoped they could help damage the infantry squad before they were wiped out.  Putting them back towards my end could have kept them safer, but they would have ended up doing zero damage.

Hawks and starcannon warwalker arrive.  Walker wrecks chimera, and hawks wipe out vets.  First blood to the eldar again.

Battle cannon has been plugging at rangers, who have been going to ground for 2+ cover vs it, still losing a few in the process.  Vendetta zips over and unloads at the warwalker, doing three pens with its twin-linked lascannons...which bounce off of the warwalker's power field - 5,5,6.  Lucky pirate!

But Pask wipes out the scorpions.  Dakkadakkadakka!

Hawks had lept up, re-entered to blast away guard squad.  Rangers move down to cover objective, dire avengers arrive.  Starcannon walker moves onto objective but later gets zapped by vendetta.  Bright lance walker arrives to shake battle cannon russ, bikers show up and destructor guardsmen on my far right.  Pask moves around and shoots up jetbikes, leaving only warlock remaining.

Warlock comes out, misses with her spear and fails charge.  At least she managed to conceal herself!

Pask sprayed her down, and despite her 2+ jink managed to take her down.  While he was rolling and rerolling hits and wounds, I went ahead and did up a series of saves, failing the 17th.  When all the counting was done, he did...17 wounds exactly.  Scratch one warlock.

Vendetta tries to take down other warwalker, but powerfield bounces the one pen.  Hawks move to cover central objective while others move towards others.
Warwalker moves over, shoots up the few remaining guardsmen killing one and charging into the two survivors.  Even with krak grenades, he manages to step on them and secure the ruin objective, at least until Pask shoots him to death soon afterwards.

We went seven turns.  I managed to hold on to more objectives, winning the primary.  Neither of us had anything in the enemy DZ, so we tied on the secondary through mutual failure.  I had first blood, neither of us had warlord or linebreaker.  Another win for the Void Phantoms.

Another couple games going on:

Jim's marines vs. Leonard's Orks.

Fuzzy pic of Joel's Blood Angels vs. Josh's Eldar.  There was also an earlier game with Will's IG vs. James' CSM; a bunch of 40K-ing going on!

I also decided to drop out of the campaign with my Endless Ones at the local GW store, which was too involved for me to keep up with.  This one I should be able to keep up with.  The other one was fun though, met some great folks and it inspired me to finally build and paint up the Tears of Sanguinius raptors I had planned for quite some time. 


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