Sunday, February 9, 2014

40K League: Mini-reps Space Sharks vs. Orks, Tyranids

Get over here wit dem brushes and paints ya lazy gits!
Earlier today I managed to squeeze in two games for our league, one at 1500pts vs. Leonard's Orks, the other at 1000pts vs. Chris' Tyranids.  Both interesting games, but both leaving me a little dissatisfied with the current Shark builds.  More on that later.  Above is a pic of the looted wagon Leonard converted up from a WWII Greyhound model and various bits.  I think the little helmet like a bowler is a nice touch.

Unfortunately, my wife had taken the memory card out of the little camera I use for the batrep pics, so only managed to get a few pics, and only of the first game before the internal memory was used up.  Curses!  A lot of Leonard's Orks were a lot further along since the last time I fought them, and I was looking forward to some good shots of them.  Next time!

Leonard and I set up a Kill Points game with a little twist - in the center was a fortification that counted as an objective worth 3VPs as well.  It's guns were active, and would shoot the nearest thing each shooting phase until and unless someone got inside to control it (then it would just shoot the nearest *enemy* thing).

I set up mostly on my right, with the bikers off on the left.  The big black building in the middle is the fortification, basically a large capacity 30 bastion.
Leonard had looted wagon with boomgun on his left, then boys mob, grot mob, lootas in ruins and lootas in battlewagon.  Warboss with nob squad and dakkajet in reserve.

The Space Sharks reposition, blasting the looted wagon away while the assault squad waits for the ork mass to get closer.

Well, that's it for the pictures, sorry!

The ironclad podded down next to the battlewagon and as is typical, whiffed.  He got run over by the deffrolla, and the drop pod blown apart by lootas.  The central megabastion did a good job of blocking LOS from the lootas to the bulk of my force.  Over the course of the game automated weapons took a few hull points off of rhinos, killed one marine and a few orks.  

The big slugga mob got whittled down by concentrated fire, and finished off when it charged into my assault squad.  The assault squad then charged into the grots and took them out, then most got gunned down by lootas, making the survivors fall back, luckily outside of nob charge range.  On my left, the bikers emerged to take down the battlewagon (though the meltas failed to scratch it, leaving the task to krak grenades and powerfist blows in assault) and the lootas riding in it.  

The nobs were almost at the door to the bastion when they got jumped on by the assault squad survivors, the bikers, and a tactical combat squad, finishing them off for the game.  Shark victory!


Second game, 1000pts Crusade vs Tyranids.  He had a Tervigon HQ, two zoanthropes, two venomthropes, two carnifexes, two squads of ten termagants, biovore, three hive guard.

At 1000pts I had captain on bike and bike squad, two tac squads, whirlwind and speeder.

We had three objectives and Chris won the roll off for sides, so had two of the three objectives closer to his side.  

My idea was to try to pull the bugs off towards the sides, kill the synapse critters and then try to clean up.  Paroxysm, tough critters and venomthropes was a good combo, limiting the damage I could do.  I did manage to get them somewhat separated and killed the zoanthropes, but he made most of the leadership rolls, only failing one for the biovore, which spent a turn hunkered down.  I made a go at contesting his two objectives, but some termagants with dice on fire finished off the tac squad sent after them and the carnifexes made it back in time to take out the bikers in the middle, leaving him with two objectives to my one and an 8-3 Tyranid victory.  


As to my dissatisfaction with the army as it stands - it's mostly the tactical squads.  I built them to be flexible and large, but because of that they also take a large chunk of the army and need to do a lot of the work, which exposes them to a lot of danger and leaves them at risk when it comes to scoring.  I could really use either some extra cheap bodies to babysit objectives, some more punch to allow the tacs to be safer, or both.  I've been thinking on what to add for a while, but haven't taken the time to build it yet.  I expect some scouts, devastators, thunderfire cannon and/or something else may appear when I get the time to make them.

I've also gotten my jetbike warlock for the Void Phantoms built, hopefully I'll get her painted soon which should wrap up the initial phase of the Void Phantoms.  May be a while before I get a game in with them, but when I do I'll post about it here, memory card willing!

So I'm 1-3 in the league so far.  One player just dropped as life was keeping him from getting in games, some folks didn't join, so I think we have eight players - me (Space Marines), two orks, one necron, two chaos marines, one tau, one tyranid.  I have yet to play the chaos marines or necrons, so those should be the matches and batreps due in the weeks to come.  Stay tuned!

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