Monday, August 26, 2013

New Chaos Space Marine supplement due soon!

Wow, I've just seen some of the rundowns for the new rules for the new supplement for Chaos Space Marines.  Kind of surprised to see it come out so fast on the heels of the Black Legion supplement, but I'm not complaining!  A lot of Chaos Marine players, especially Night Lords and Iron Warriors I think will love this new book.

For some reason they left the "Chaos" off the cover.  Typical GW proofreading.
Yep, get ready to see hordes of counts-as Chaos Marines using the new Space Marine rules.

Expect to see lots of Iron Warriors using the rules of the hated Dorn - bolter firing lines and tank hunting "havocs".  Or the bionic heavy Iron Warriors using Iron Hands rules - 6+ FNP for everyone, It will not die for vehicles and characters, more effective techmarines.  Or just as Salamanders for extra flamer and melta fun.

And Night Lords and Alpha Legion as Raven Guard?  Scout (and therefore Outflank) on everything, Stealth first turn, using jump packs in movement and assault phases.  Look for plenty of scales and lightning bolts on tables near you soon!

They even make a stab at Khornate marines/World Eaters, aka Black Templars.  Extra speed running across the table, bonus to sweeping advance, extra resistance to psychic powers, bonuses in taking skulls in challenges.  

Not bad GW, not bad at all.  Just do better with the editing next time; the names are all wrong!

Edit: Goatboy agrees.


  1. Well played my friend, well played!

  2. I was looking at making raven guard/night lords. But since it seems assault marines don't get stealth, meh. now I'm leaning at using blood angel rules, and enjoying my assaulting vanguard while I have them.


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