Saturday, May 11, 2013

40K League Report: Orks vs. Daemons 1250pts

Orks prep to battle the warp spawn

Last weekend I got in two games, one as a makeup game vs. Jim Bowen's Squat Marines, the other against James McCoy's Daemons.  I didn't take any pics of the former, but here's some of the latter!

We were playing Kill Points with Vanguard Strike deployment, 1250pts.

James took a mixed force of Daemons with Chaos Marine allies.  Two units of Daemonettes, Soulgrinder, Lord of Change, Chaos Lord, CSM, terminators with power axes and combi plasma/combi flamers.  He chose to deep strike the Daemonettes but started everything else on the table.

James' CSM are built as Thousand Sons, as you can see here from the helmets and pads on the termies.

The Lord of Change flies forward as the Orks surge ahead.

Lord of Change closeup

I shoot at the LoC, scoring several hits but failing to ground him.  I was hoping to be able to ground him and tie him up with the boys in assault.

Lord of Change wrecks the battlewagon, spilling out meganobs.  The soulgrinder also blew up the Ardboys' trukk and killed a few of them, while the terminators advanced into the woods.  Megas and Ardboys assault LoC.  Daemonettes both had mishaps, one going back to reserve, the other I got to place, putting them in the woods in front of my walkers.  He managed to immobilize the Deff Dread, but the Kan managed to get in and tear up most of the daemons.  

Another trukk boys squad zips around the flank and engages the soulgrinder, but the nob's klaw fails to down the beast.

Daemonette champion manages to best the Kan, while mass of Orks looks on and tries to stay out of easy terminator charge range after finishing off the Lord of Change.

Orks fail to scratch the soulgrinder again, while CSM prepare to come to its aid.

Second 'nette squad comes back and puts the moves on the lobbas, wiping them out.  The big shoota boy mob turns around and clears the daemons out in turn.

The terminators clear out most of the middle, even with the dreadnought's grot riggers repairing its mobility issues.  CSM and soulgrinder finish off the trukk boys, and soon it's pretty much over, with a clear KP victory to the forces of Chaos!

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