Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flames of Warhammer?

Epic (back in the "Space Marine/Titan Legions" era) is the game that got me back into the Warhammer 40K universe after the initial Rogue Trader surge died down. Space Marines, hordes of Orks, Titans, Gargants, massive Imperial Guard tanks - all in a relatively small space. Good stuff. Before there was Apocalypse, there was Epic, getting those massive war machines and crazy rules involved at a teeny scale.

I like the big stuff like Titans, but don't especially care for Apocalypse. The old Epic rules were fun, but definitely had a bunch of holes in them. The newer versions of Epic leave me pretty cold. So how to get back into the small-scale mayhem?

Flames of War seems to be a fairly popular game, fairly fast moving and has most of the elements for a 40K type game - infantry, tanks, artillery, firepower and close in action, air support...maybe there's potential for making a "Flames of Warhammer" ruleset that folks familiar with Flames of War could easily take to?

At some point I plan to buy/borrow some FoW books to see what would need to change and what kind of stats/costs to assign to things. In the meantime, what kind of ideas might you have?

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